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Friends of the Kids Science Club!

These are companies, businesses, and others that have helped our club be successful! We thank each and every helping hand :)

New England Country Mart is a Boston-based, family-owned home grocery delivery service committed to connecting the community to local producers. The delivery area includes Greater Boston within the 495 belt of MA, Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Southern New Hampshire, with expansions to Martha's Vineyard this summer with free delivery to all cities in towns within this delivery area! 

Fun fact: All new customers receive $20 off their first order if they subscribe to the newsletters :)


All worksheets have been printed through the Saugus Staples Location and have been amazing!

From rapid orders to calling me to check in, Staples has gone above and beyond for helping out the Kids Science Club :)

MIT Program

The MIT Museum has partnered with the Kids Science Club in the past for the 2021 Cambridge Science Festival! For the 2021 month of April, we offered 4 free experiment classes through the festival partnered with the MIT Museum.

A huge thanks goes to the hard workers of the museum who helped make the program happen/amazing! (BIG Shoutout to Dora & Julia!)

New England

Country Mart

The MIT Museum


The Saugus Location

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