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The Virtual Kids

Science Club

Via Google Meet

Classes are currently paused.

A Virtual and Interactive Science Club designed for Kids ages 6-12!

(Please note that 2 cohorts are for ages 6-10, and 1 cohort is for ages 8-12)

A New Hands-on Approach to Virtual Learning

The Kids Science Club provides science kits to each participant, allowing for an interactive and hands-on Meet. The science kits include worksheets, all materials needed, and tons of fun.

The Science Club explores all sides of science! From geology to astronomy, we truly venture into every category of science.

The Science Club meets online through Google Meets. All science kits are given on Sundays, and ready to go for the Meet! Everyone completes the experiment at home and together virtually on the Meet. 

The Science Club meets every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 3-4:15. Please note that you only attend ONE of the days! There's three "cohorts" to help with managing the amount of kids. We start the experiment at 3:15, and allow for members to come as early as 3 to hang out or ask questions! Members are also allowed to hang out after the experiment until 4:25.

The Science Club is currently offering two cohorts designed for ages 6-10, and one cohort designed for only ages 8-12. All experiments can be modified for others around the age group. For instance, if you have a 5 year old, feel free to join and provide extra guidance for them through the experiment!

So What did I Miss?

We've completed over 25 experiments so far! Some include rainbows, rock expeditions, float or sink trials, and even rocket ships! If you're new, don't worry-- so many awesome experiments are in the works :)


We now offer Sunday Playground Meets for kids to meet each other in person (following all COVID-19 Guidelines) and recieve their science kits!

This also allows for more kids slightly outside of the Greater Boston Area to participate. We offer playground meets in Malden, Medford, Melrose, Winchester, Somerville, and Arlington (All Massachusetts)!

They all occur on Sundays and home delivery is still an option for many :)

New Cohort News


The Kids Science Club is now featured in the Cambridge Science Festival for the month of April!!! In a collaboration with the MIT Museum, we present to you 4 interactive experiment classes :)

Sold Out / Completed


Introducing our Thursday Cohort!

We now have a THIRD cohort on Thursday. This cohort is aimed for ages 8-12 to get to know each other and explore science. The content will be almost identical, but we will go deeper into the science behind the experiment. Additionally, the worksheet and vocabulary used will be slightly more advanced compared to the younger cohorts' current work :)
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