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All About the KSC

Mission & Vision

The goal of the Kids Science Club is to inspire, teach, and entertain kids in a safe setting! We pride ourselves in providing both a COVID -safe and virtually secure learning environment

With schools being hybrid or remote, many experiments are being cut out of the curriculum for various reasons. In the Kids Science Club, every single Meet includes a fun hands-on experiment. The kits are also ready to go, so there's not too much work on your end.

One of my focuses for the club is accessibility. We implement many techniques so we can be as convenient as possible. If you EVER have suggestions or needs, please reach out and we can adapt to whatever you require :)


My goal is to set up an exciting science-filled club for the kids so they can meet new friends and learn about the world of science interactively.

Extended Learning in Science & General Studies, all in a community setting.

Don't let the name of the club fool you! We touch upon other subjects as well. From engineering a new Rover, to completing a Word Search together, we work on General Studies as well. 

For science learning, we dive into more advanced topics and learn about the concepts found in higher education classes. For one of our first experiments, I taught the children something I learned in my High School Marine Biology class! The brilliant part was that they understood it and loved the lesson :)

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